Print Media

    Printing and Book Publishing

    Azmaj services include book design and production, typesetting, cover design, editing, book printing and fulfilment, ISBN and copyright and book Promotion.

    Azmaj Press manufactures books of all types in short runs. We focus on quality and smooth, efficient customer service. Azmaj Press specialises in on-demand printing of paperback books, technical manuals, catalogues, data sheets, and custom books of all kinds. Azmaj Press offers full-service book printing and book publishing solutions, from book design to book distribution.


    Offset Printing

    Offset printing is a process that requires a number of different stages and material. Every colour separation image is transferred to a printing plate at the first stage. After the plate is developed, ink is applied to its image area while the non-printing areas, which hold water, reject the ink.

    Digital Printing Technique

    This technique allows generating prints straight from a computer, which controls all the changes in the printer. First, a laser makes a hidden Image, which appears after applying toner to the photoreceptor. Then, the toner is transferred directly to the substrate and fixed with high temperature.



    Colour Proofing

    • Ideal Colour Rendition – Colour proofing helps to check colour accuracy before we start the printing processes.
    • Exactly What You Want- With the opportunity to adjust colours, you get exactly the shades you want.
    • Excellent Printing- Using colour proofing you will be always happy with your printed products.
    • Colour proofing allows us to preview the final printed piece, and thus achieve accurate colour reproduction across the entire run. Therefore, customers can visualise the overall final design more easily and the printer gets a clear colour guidance, when is then included in the documentation.

    Our General Printing Services Include:

    From book printing and publishing, business cards, large format signage to everything in between, Azmaj Global Services LTD Print can supply you with a full spectrum of printed materials. Dedicated to being a full service printer, we work with our customers to create premium products that fit their budget and in a time frame to suit them.

    • Labels
    • Letterheads
    • Memo pads
    • Paper pads
    • Postcards
    • Stickers
    • Calendars
    • Billboards
    • Stationery Supply

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