Digital Media

    Digital Media

    We offer Facebook or Twitter cover page design for your personal/organisational accounts. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional-looking and eye-catching Facebook/Twitter cover page, AzMaj creative design will provide you the solution.

    • Photography

    • Videography


    We offer quality photography and videography with sophisticated digital photo and video cameras, and new technologies. We apply these 10 principles to achieve better product:

    • We scout the venue prior to the event.
    • We arrive early and conduct pre-photo or video production.
    • We will tailor our photo or video production according to the event programme.
    • We pre-flight our cameras prior to the event (electricity, full battery charge, sound check, etc.)
    • Our crew dress corporately.
    • We will use two or more photo or video cameras to avoid unforeseen circumstances.
    • We ensure an alternative power supply is provided.
    • We will cover the whole event according to our client’s requirements, as well as the event programme.
    • We will ensure adequate lighting is provided.
    • We will not react to but rather anticipate and prevent any interruption.
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