At Azmaj events we have the experience and expertise to ensure your event is a success. Our service is dedicated to delivering an event you can be proud of, on time and on budget. We are happy to take control of the whole event on your behalf, or if you prefer we can provide specialist support to help the event succeed. Our abilities include:

Finding the Venue
Getting the venue right is crucial to the show’s success – we can source and book the right venue for your event.

Managing the site and organising the venue
Ensuring that everything sets up correctly can be the biggest headache of any show – we ensure it runs smoothly. That includes the logistics of venue set-up, especially the correct installation of audio-visual equipment and IT services.

Event Marketing & PR
Before a show we can produce Press Releases, direct mail, and press advertising. We can also supply promotional gifts and branded merchandise.

Arranging catering and accommodation
Whatever the budget, we can find catering that fits the bill and good accommodation for staff and delegates. We can often help negotiate favorable rates for delegates.

Delivering printed exhibition materials
Azmaj events can design, print and distribute invitations, brochures and programmes for your event. We also produce large scale exhibition graphics such as panels and posters – our designers specialize in exhibition materials and can either develop from scratch, or work with your existing materials to provide large scale and brochure graphics that reflect your brand and support your message.

Managing the project and budget
Azmaj events is skilled in ensuring that successful events complete on time and within budget. We offer complete project and budget management, or we can work with you to ensure the event is managed successfully.

Arranging Speakers
We can source professional, informed and compelling speakers.

Providing Translation
We can arrange simultaneous translation services for your international guests.

Welcoming your Guests
We can greet delegates, perform registration and assist with any special needs your guests might have.

Securing Sponsorship
Azmaj events has the ability to research and approach the best sponsors and potential sponsors for your event, ensuring revenue maximization and a “best fit” between you and your event sponsors.